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The researchers of the future were tested on our application


In order to strengthen its market position, MOL Group decided to expand its research resources. That is why it has selected the 20 universities in 14 countries from which he would like to obtain suitable professionals. The only question was how to select the best.


We were commissioned to develop a serious game based on real information and data. The program virtually guides the actors of the target group through the phases of exploration and production activity (Exploration & Production – E&P). Based on the geological research of a pre-designated area and its results, they can start exploratory drilling and then discover an oil reserve suitable for extraction. In order to carry this out, they can start multifaceted field development investments. In addition to the background of professional decisions, the game also provides a 3D visual experience to aid understanding and increase the user experience. In addition to the high monetary reward, the company starts a 1-year training program for the most talented, and at the end of it, offers them a decisive leadership position.

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